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A incredibly crunchy formula made with the whole almond fruit and brown sugar, everything coated with Almond Oil
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Ultra natural, readily biodegradable
A incredibly crunchy formula made with the whole almond fruit
and brown sugar, everything coated with Almond Oil. Exfoliates and removes dead cells, flaky and rough skin

Improve the appearance of the skin, boost skin cell
regeneration while leaving the skin soft and velvety smooth

Prevent ingrown hairs

Readily biodegradable formula made with natural ingredients
Use it pure or mix it to your Almond Shower O il according to the exfoliation you need

It will leave the skin soft, smooth and glowing
Between February and March every year, the fields of Provence are filled with pink and white almond blossom. Well-known for its moisturising and softening properties, almond oil is perfect to pamper your body. Our Almond Collection, which offers a range of body moisturisers, skin firming treatments and indulgent shower and bath products, is made to guide you through those blossom-filled fields. VISIT OUR E-MAGAZINE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT ALMOND > Almond
Almond flakes Almond Oil from Provence and brown sugar

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5 Customer Reviews
  • Gorgeous!

    This is wonderful to use! It looks like a small amount at first and I wondered how quickly it would get used up as both myself and my daughter use it, but it only requires a very small amount to do your whole body. We mix no more than a teaspoon with the almond oil into a small pot and use it like that. We both love how it makes our skin feel. We both used to have rough ‘chicken skin’ on the tops of our arms and this has smoothed it away nicely. I decanted mine into a jar with a screw lid to prevent it from dampness. Will absolutely be buying this again.

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      5 out of 5
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    • Country / region UNITED KINGDOM
  • Great product, poor packaging

    Having used the almond shower oil for years, I was excited to try this. I really enjoyed the scrub. It’s delicate on the skin but sloughs well. It was nice to mix with the oil too. The packaging however is not fit for purpose. Once used in a steamy shower, it gets moist. It’s then hard to close as the gritty bits get in the seal. I came to use it today and it has mould growing on it. My advice if you’re going to buy it, is to decant it into a jar or keep it away from the shower.

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      3 out of 5
    • Your Location Southport
    • Country / region UNITED KINGDOM
  • Great stuff!

    I have dry skin, and this scrub, matched with the shea shower oil, is the only product that I have found I do not need to use a moisturiser afterwards. I don't use a mixing bowl, far too much effort! Pour a small pile into the cup of your hand, pour over the shower oil, quick mix in, a dash of more oil and you are good to go. I use it twice a week. Please consider changing the packaging, the press and seal design is very fiddly to use in the shower and the shape of the bag is not ideal for pouring.

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      5 out of 5
    • Your Location Cornwall
    • Country / region UNITED KINGDOM
  • Loved it but not enough in the packet!

    This scrub is fab, I mixed the oil in and found it rubbed on well, not too abrasive but enough to feel it’s doing something. My skin was very soft afterwards and this lasted a few days., even after showering. Smells fab. I like that it’s natural and it’s finer than I expected. My only complaint is that there’s only enough in the sample sachet for one (sparing) use and you need to have the oil as well, would expect more quantity to really get a feel for the product. I will definitely buy the bigger size as better value for money and I’d probably only need to use it once a week as the effects last well xx

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      4 out of 5
    • Your Location Sheffield
    • Country / region UNITED KINGDOM
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