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This General Terms and Conditions regulate the relationships between SKIN DISTRICT 3 EOOD in their capacity of authorized importer and Bulgarian partner of L’Occitane (herein after referred to as L’Occitane citane.bg) of the one part and users of the Internet sire and of services placed on domain bg.loccitane.com  (herein after referred to as website or Internet site). These Terms and Conditions are binding for all users, who, by clicking on every object, link or button, located on the Internet site of L’Occitane  (except for the link to this General Terms and Conditions) agree to, fully accept and undertake to comply with these General Terms and Conditions;

Internet site www.bg.loccitane.com is part of SKIN DISTRICT 3 EOOD.

SKIN DISTRICT 3 EOOD is a company registered under the Act of Commerce of Republic of Bulgaria, registered in the Trade register maintained by the Registry Agency with Unified ID code 203657722, main office and registered address: 1463 Sofia, 12 Hristo Stanchev str.

The company has got the following mailing address, including for receiving of complaints and information from customers: Sofia, 12 Hristo Stanchev str, ground floor, right hand side.

L’Occitane  has got outlets in Sofia city; their addresses are shown on the website.


SKIN DISTRICT 3 EOOD as owners of the e-shop give you the right to download and review all materials published only for personal use, and not for commercial purposes. It is necessary to comply with and to respect all copyrights and the respective references. It shall be forbidden to modify the materials published on the e-shop in any way, and also to distribute them publicly, to copy and to provide them for any public or commercial purpose. Using of published materials on the e-shop in other Internet sites shall be prohibited. The service provided by the e-shop shall be valid in the Republic of Bulgaria only.




















In order to sign up, you have to choose a unique user name and a password, and also to provide a delivery address, full name, email address, contact telephone number, and thereafter your details will be stored in our system.  Upon a successful registration and storage of your details in the system, every time when the website loads you will be able to change the delivery address and your personal details, and also to nominate your representative authorized to receive your order, if relevant. By clicking on “Order” you make electronic statement within the meaning of the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act, thus confirming that you are aware of and agree to this present Terms and Conditions.



Personal data provided by you to L’Occitane  will be used solely and only for serving you as a customer – for processing and delivery of the order, getting into contact with you and provision of information in the form of an information brochure (the subscription for It can be cancelled any time). L’Occitane  guarantees that your personal data will not be disclosed to third persons, neither they will be used for any purposes other than the described above. This information is protected by the Personal Data Protection Act.



SKIN DISTRICT 3 EOOD., their suppliers or third persons shall not be held liable under no circumstances for any damages whatsoever, but not only damages from lost profit, from loss of information or any other  losses arising out of the use, impossibility to use or the result of use of the e-shop. Provided that the use of e-shop, or of products offered thereby, by you results in causing of damages, YOU shall bear full liability and shall cover all expenses related to the repairing of the caused damages.



You can order from bg.loccitane.com  24 hours a day, including Saturdays, Sundays and official holidays. Upon finalization of your order, you will be able to review the products chosen by you and the information about the delivery and your contact details, and, if required, you can modify these details. You will be notified by an email about the receipt, confirmation and shipping of your order.

Products purchased on the websitebg.loccitane.com  are not intended for subsequent sale.

Detailed instructions about ordering procedure and supplier’s terms and conditions can be found below.



The following are possible problems related to order processing:

  1. One or more of the ordered items is not available; in this case a representative of bg.loccitane.com  will contact you as soon as possible;
  2. The delivery/billing address is incomplete or incorrect;
  3. Incorrect email address and/or telephone number provided for contact with the customer.

In case of problems related to the shipment through bg.loccitane.com  fault, we will be liable for all occurring additional expenses. The customer shall cover any additional costs provided that they can be held liable for their occurrence.



The final due amount is a sum of all individual products ordered by you plus the cost of shipment. All items are quoted with VAT inclusive.



L’Occitane  shall have the right to modify prices at any time without being obliged to notify the customers thereof in advance. The user shall be obliged to pay the price as quoted on the website at the time of placing of the order. In case of possible technical errors when publishing the information, bg.loccitane.com L'Occitane shall have the right to refuse the fulfillment of the order without being liable to pay a compensation in any way to the consumer, except for refunding of the money already paid by the customer, if applicable.

Reduced prices shall be quoted by displaying the new price under the previous price, which should be crossed out.



On the grounds of Art. 50 of the Consumer Protection Act, every customer shall have the right to withdraw from the agreement (purchase of a cosmetic or of another product) within 14 days which shall start as from the day of receipt of the product. For this purpose the subject of the transaction must be in its original packing, with no signs of use or damages to the goods. In case of withdrawal from the agreement the consumer should notify the seller within 14 days by filling in and sending the withdrawal form on the seller’s website.

Where the customer chooses to exercise their right of withdrawal from the agreement, they have to send the items back at their expense or to deliver them in person at the seller’s outlet without unjustified delay and within 14 days as from the date on which they have notified the seller of their decision to withdraw from the agreement. The deadline shall be regarded as complied with if the customer has sent or delivered the items back to the seller in person before the expiration of the 14-day term.

The seller shall have the right to refuse to refund to the customer the money paid thereby, provided that the returned items are with damaged original packaging and/or have got signs of use and/or the items are damaged. In this case the seller shall notify the customer without any delay that they do not accept the withdrawal and that the customer may receive the goods back upon paying the cost of shipment.

According to the provision of Art. 57, item 5 of the Consumer Protection Act, the buyer’s right of withdrawal from a remote agreement or from an agreement concluded outside the outlet shall not apply to agreements for supply of sealed goods, which are being unsealed upon their delivery and cannot be sent back because of reasons related to hygiene or health protection. Accordingly, the seller shall keep their right not to accept the customer’s right of withdrawal for such items, even if it is made within the term specified in this present General Terms and Conditions.



  1. A description of product major characteristics is provided on the website thus presenting the respective product.
  2. The prices of items are displayed on the website presenting the respective product.
  3. The cost of shipment IS NOT INCLUDED in the price of goods. It is quoted separately on the order page and shall be added to the total price of the goods thus calculating the grand total to be paid. The price of goods is VAT inclusive.
  4. There is no extra cost charged for using the provided communication options with us.
  5. The delivery options are described below.

Upon receipt of the shipment you have to check the content of the package for compliance of the goods with the order. In case of discrepancy between the received goods and the ordered items, L’Occitane  shall replace the items at their expense, with no extra charge for the Customer. In case of missing goods ordered by the Customer, bg.loccitane.com L’Occitane  may offer alternative products of the same price. Should the Customer refuse the replacement of products,bg.loccitane  L’Occitane  shall refund the amount paid thereof.



In order to place an order, the customer must fill in the required information where indicated.

It is possible that consignee details are different from the details of the person having placed the order. In this case the payment must be made in advance, and the shipment shall be delivered to consignee’s address.

Where possible, the delivery shall be arranged by a courier at a preferred by the shipper delivery time. If this is not possible, a representative of bg.loccitane.com  L’Occitane  will contact the shipper for agreeing an alternative date and time of delivery.


Delivery-related problems

If the delayed or early delivery respectively after or before the time span preferred by you is not because of reasons caused by you, repeated delivery shall be at the expense of the e-shop.

In case of required second visit by a courier regarding your order which is due to reasons through your fault, you should cover the cost of the repeated delivery. Reasons through your fault can be your absence or the absence of a person authorized by you to receive the goods and to make the payment, when it is arranged to be made cash.


Delivery time

Deliveries shall be made from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm on work days and until 2.00 pm on Saturdays.

The shipment of your goods will take place within 3 (three) work days after the date of the order, if the order is placed before 10.00 am. If the order has been placed after this time, the 3-day period shall start on the next work day.

Where the payment of the order is made by a bank transfer (payment order, deposit slip), as date of order shall be deemed the date of receipt of the payment to the e-shop account.

In this case an employee of bg. loccitane.com L’Occitane  will contact you via the provided email address as soon as there is payment confirmation and will let you know when your order is scheduled to arrive.

This type of deliver is applicable in the whole country.



Your orders shall be received only electronically through the e-shop.

Please, be careful when entering your email address, because it will be used to send your order confirmation in case of paying cash and by a bank transfer.

Our system will let you know that your order has been accepted. At the time of finalization of your order  you will be able to see all products purchased by you, the amount you will have to pay, the method of payment and delivery address. If you notice any incorrectness in the information provided by you, please, contact us as soon as possible.



  1. Cash payment upon delivery – cash on delivery
  2. Payment by a credit or debit card
  3. Payment by a bank transfer


  1. Cash payment upon delivery – cash on delivery

The deliver will take from 1 to 3 days as from the date of order. The goods shall be paid on delivery by a courier.

Couriers – SPEEDY

Free delivery for orders exceeding BGN200.00


1. Payment by a credit or debit card – VISA or MASTER CARD

2. Payments will be done through Borica AD and UBB EAD, who guarantee maximum safety of transactions.


By this method you can pay by a debit or credit card with Visa and MasterCard logo, issued by Bulgarian or foreign banks. If you choose this method of payment you will be transferred to BORICA website (BORICA is an entity which is national payment operator for local bank cards and Processor Company for payments with international bank cards of EUROPAY International/MasterCard, VISA International), where you have to provide the required information regarding your card in order to make the payment.

Upon making of the payment, you will be transferred back to bg.loccitane.com L’Occitane .


When partial or full refund of already made payment has to be made by bg.loccitane.com L’Occitane  to the Customer, this will be done by a bank transfer to the card account used by the Customer.


3. Payment by a bank transfer

If you choose this method, you can make a bank transfer to the bank account of bg.loccitane.com L’Occitane  with legal entity – the company SKIN DISTRICT 3 EOOD. Upon placement of an order you will receive a mail containing out bank details. The order will be fulfilled upon receiving the money. At the time of delivery, you do not have to pay any extra money to the courier.

When partial or full refund of already made payment has to be made by L’Occitane  to the Customer, this will be done by a bank transfer to the card account used by the Customer or in any other way agreed between the parties additionally.


For paying by a bank transfer:



Bank code:


Purpose of payment: Order number



  1. “User” means every person having loaded on the used hardware the Internet site of bg.loccitane.com L’Occitane
  2. “Ordering customer” means a user having signed up on the Internet site, who is  choosing products from the e-ship,  providing information and initiating the order, whereby they are doing so on their behalf.
  3. “Consignee” means a natural person or a legal entity which may be different from the ordering customer and who shall receive the ordered products at the address specified by the ordering customer.
  4. “Order” means individual order placed by the respective user through their own profile for purchasing of goods from www.bg.loccitane.com subject to compliance with this present General Terms and Conditions.
  5. “Services” means all actions carried out by SKIN DISTRICT 3 EOOD for and/or regarding offering, sale and delivery of goods through this e-shop.
  6. “E-shop” means this present Internet site www.bg.loccitane.com offering cosmetic and other products through e-commerce.
  7. “Trader” means SKIN DISTRICT3 EOOD in their capacity of e-shop owner.


bg.loccitane.com L’Occitane  may amend this General Terms and Conditions at any time and after each amendment the publishing date shall be updated. The user shall have the obligation to visit the General Terms and Conditions page from time to time to review it for possible amendments thereof.

This present General Terms and Conditions are applicable as of 31.03.2015.